About Us

You've heard it before. "He was discovered while on a Greyhound bus to Reno!", or "She was sitting at a McDonald's in Wichita and the photographer knew that she was the next Cindy Crawford!" How annoying.

We at Talentboom are annoyed by these stories. Granted, we are annoyed because we weren't on that bus. Nobody strode up to us at McDonald's and handed us a modeling contract. Nobody sensed our acting prowess as we were filling up our Slurpee at Seven Eleven. The sad truth is that the majority of us don't get discovered this way. Talentboom is here to facilitate your exposure and create the opportunities you need in order to establish yourself in this highly competitive industry.

As the founders of Talentboom, we noticed that there are far too few avenues available to showcase one's talent. Our mission was to create a professional means of showcasing one's talents and skills with others in the industry, in a manner beneficial to all parties involved.

At Talentboom we know that you have what it takes to make it. The tricky part is actually making it. Our service helps connect those who have it, show it; and those who need it, find it. We are here to help you make it in your field of entertainment. Consider these famous words:

"Good Judgment comes from Experience.
Experience comes from Bad Judgment."

We who created and run Talentboom have plenty of combined experience, and we want to share it with you. Think of us as a way of bypassing the experience that comes from bad judgment, and jumping straight into the realm of good judgment. Our service is committed to sharing your talents with the rest of the industry. We look forward to you being discovered on Talentboom.

Zachary Kahn, Founder of Talentboom